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ICYMI: Humankind's most uplifting stories of the week

This week was full of kindness, positivity and tiny ants here at Humankind. We met a little girl who made a giant leap into the unknown, we went along with a fallen deputy's daughter's on her walk to school, got dressed with some fashionable pups, greeted ants and watch a barnacled turtle get a new lease on life.

In Abu Dhabi, a jet-skiing man rescued a helpless turtle found in the middle of the ocean covered in barnacles and unable to swim.

When it comes to appreciating creatures big and small, little Maisie takes the cake. In Staunton, Virginia, her mom Lauren Reed captured her introducing herself to ants around their home.

In another story of animal adoration, Sir Darius Brown from New Jersey has been changing the fashion game in the pet world by making custom canine and feline bowties.

Jumping into the unknown is hard at any age. Little Bella’s jump into the waters of this South Dakota lake is as courageous and cute as it is hilarious.

Lastly, another little girl bravely faced her first day of kindergarten without her father, Bibb County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Christopher Knight, who lost his life in the line of duty. Luckily, she didn’t have to face it alone and was escorted by a squadron of her dad’s former colleagues. 

Watch all of these incredible moments in the video below to see this week's Best of Humankind.

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